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Green palm and coconut trees are found in Amalapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Being the headquarters of a delta of Godavari and Konaseema, the city has the most elaborate and beautiful temples in the state. Amalapuram is a symbol of cultural prosperity and many scenic spots are also located here.

How to reach Amalapuram

By Air: The nearest airport at Amalapuram is located at Rajahmundry, which is about 54 km from here. Regular cab services are available from the airport.

By Rail: There is no railhead in Amalapuram so the nearest railway station here is Palakolu Junction which is located at a distance of 31 km. It has regular trains from all major parts of the country.

By Road: Amalapuram is well connected to other major cities of India through regular buses. Regular buses are available from its bus terminus located in the city center.

Best time to visit Amalapuram

The best time to visit this city is during winter. The weather here is very pleasant from December to May and the temperature varies between 20 ° C to 25 ° C.

Shri Veereshwar Swami Temple

The Sri Veereshwar Swami Temple situated on the banks of the Gauri River is one of the most notable shrines around Amalapuram. An idol of Goddess is installed along with God which is one of the most attractive elements of this temple. The ornate and extraordinary architecture and intricate detailing in the walls of the temple reflect superb craftsmanship. Apart from its extraordinary architecture, the background of this temple also attracts tourists and devotees.

Ana Villi Siddhi Vinayak Temple

The greenery, grasslands and dense groves of coconut make Anavilli Siddhi Vinayak Temple one of the most prominent temples in the city. The temple complex is divided into two parts, one of which is the tower and the other entrance. On coming from one door you will have darshan of Lord Siddhi Vinayak while from the other you will have darshan of Shri Vishweshwara Swami. The architecture, deeply detailed artistry, rich culture of the temple walls are worth seeing.

Appanapalli Temple

The Appanapalli Temple in Amalapuram is a great cultural center and has a rich history associated with this temple. The architectural structure of the temple is significant for its bygone ages and the sanctum sanctorum of this shrine is considered as the second Tirupati. A visit to the Godavari River on three sides and the Appanapalli Temple surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on one side provides peace of mind. This temple is always frequented by tourists and devotees from all over the world and is also a popular tourist destination in Amalapuram. If you want to see the real natural beauty of Andhra Pradesh in South India then next time visit Amalapuram. Tourists come to this place not to despair but get a lot of natural beauty.

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