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Maradumili in Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by lush green palm and bamboo trees. This place is not very popular for tourism and this is the reason why this city has the most extensive and best wildlife and plant species of the state. If you are fond of seeing tribal and rural life then you can visit this small town. Maradumili is a symbol of natural beauty.

How to reach Maradumili

By Air: The nearest airport to Maradumili is located at Rajahmundry, which is about 85 km from this place. Regular cab services are available from the airport.

 By Rail: The nearest railhead is at Rajahmundry, 85 km from the city.

By Road: Maradumili is well connected to other major cities in India. Regular buses are available from its bus terminal.

The best time to visit Maradumili is during the winter months of November-December. During this time, the temperature here ranges from 20 ° C to 25 ° C.

Swarnadhara and Rampa Falls

Swarnadhara and Rampa Falls are the tourist attractions in Maredumili. Surrounded by mango trees, this place is excellent for trekking enthusiasts. Even mild slopes are dangerous here. At this place, you will see a bunch of peacocks all around. The Swarnadhara and Rampay waterfalls originate from the Shiva temple.

Kartik Forest and Devi Sugriva Medicinal Plant Protection Area

The sections of the Karthik forest area in Maradumili are full of lush green vegetation. The region is full of natural vegetation and medicinal herbs and plants. Alma trees are also present here out of 203 different species of medicinal plants. It is an open laboratory for scientists researching medicinal plants in the conservation area.


There are many beautiful and rocking waterfalls in Maredumili, one of which is also a Jatarangini waterfall. The waterfall looks like silver currents coming out of the dense forest. Seeing the natural beauty of this waterfall will mesmerize you. The mind will be relieved in this beautiful gift of nature and a relaxed atmosphere.


The city also has the Madankunj-Vihar site where you can have a picnic or a little time with your family or partner. Apart from this, it is also a great place for recreational activities. By coming to this place, you will feel that you have come very close to infinite nature and natural beauty. Seeing the greenery and refreshing views all around, you will feel happy. A large number of cedar trees and golden bamboo clumps are seen in the Madankunj-Vihar site. A large number of wild animals like a panther, bison, jungle fowl, etc. live here


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