You can take the unique experience of life in the plaintiffs of Coorg

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Coorg has its green plantations of tea and a wonderful view of natural beauty. Coorg is a very beautiful and attractive place in the lap of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. This mountainous area is crowded with tourists all the time. On weekends, a large number of people come to visit Coorg. So let’s know what you can see about this beautiful mountainous area.

Dubare Elephant Camp

There is a herd of elephants in Dubare Elephant Camp and if you want to bathe or feed the children of elephants, then this wish can be fulfilled in this camp. Dubare Elephant Camp has a hilly terrain and lush green valleys as well as grasslands. This camp houses dozens of elephants and their children, which is an attraction for travelers. Tourists visiting Coorg for a holiday are sure to visit this cap. If you are coming to visit Coorg with your children, then you should visit this Elephant Camp as the children are very happy to see elephants.

Mandala Patti

Every day you do not get a chance to gaze at the green valleys and grasslands. Coorg is nothing short of heaven to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city. The Mandala Strip in Coorg is a high altitude place that offers spectacular views in a serene environment. Coming here, you will feel as if you have come to some dream world. Mandla Patti is a viewpoint in Coorg that can be reached only by jeep. Those who are fond of observing the beauty of nature up close must visit the Mandala Patti viewpoint of Coorg. From here one gets to see a beautiful view of the Coorg region.

Golden Temple (Tibetan Temple)

The Tibetan monastery in Coorg, locally known as the Golden Temple, represents the rich culture and history of the Tibetan people. It is also famous as a tourist destination. The monastery has the main temple area, a school, and some shops. There are special intricate artifacts on the walls of the monastery which are very beautiful and attractive. You can also visit the golden idols here. It is an important place for people of Tibet and Buddhism and you too can come to visit this monastery.


There is no need to go somewhere and do not shop, it cannot happen. You will also get a lot of opportunities to shop in Coorg. Coorg is known for its hand-made chocolate of all varieties. You will also find markets for various spices like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, tea and coffee in Coorg. The journey to Coorg is not complete without these. Liquor is made from large quantities of fruits in Coorg, so if you are fond of alcohol, then you should visit Coorg. On the other hand, those who do not drink alcohol will also get a chance to taste the taste of alcohol made from fruits in Coorg. You can also take liquor here at your home and give gifts to your friends and relatives.


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